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Are you in the final year of your degree and starting to think about what to do next? What opportunities are available to chemistry graduates? Here’s a list of helpful websites to get you started on that search!

Chemistry Graduates

We’re starting to interview chemistry graduates working in industry/business/academia. There are a couple of interviews here to start off, and we hope to do more each year from graduates of as many universities as possible. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to share your experience of finding that first job. Use the discussion box below to ask any questions.

RSC – Inspiring Chemistry Careers

The Royal Society of Chemistry is a great place to start your career. If you need inspiration, take a look at some role models, champions, and ambassadors of chemistry in a project looking at diversity in the chemical sciences.

Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) consultants

See what the career consultants of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau have to say, about getting that first job as a chemist.


This site has a lot of career-related information, including sample resume content for thousands of job titles.


Another jobs website for students who seeking work in the Chemistry sector. Jobmanji provides a search engine that incorporates jobs from hundreds of career & employment sites into one place, where students have the ability to search for any type of job that they desire. The need to filter through multiple websites to find what you are looking for is eliminated. They have recently launched an advice and tips section which is proving very popular.

Raw Resume

A guide that goes in depth about resume organisation and how to create a selling personal brand statement.

Resume Baking

This site specialises in building your own resume and you can see samples as well.
RawResume and ResumeBaking are both highly recommended by a student who has been successful in finding a job using these, and the other links on this page.



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