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Are your scientific writing skills the best they can be, or would you benefit from professional training?

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Today, you can purchase both of our current workshops in the Summer 2018 promotion for a reduced price of £50.00 (normal price £79.00 each).

Two short, online workshops are available for science students, designed to improve writing skills and ultimately your grades.

Students need to express their ideas clearly and create well-structured sentences with good use of scientific language.

You also need to know where to find evidence to support the statements you make in your lab reports and assignments.

These workshops will help you achieve these skills.

The first 10 students who sign up will get another 50% off – all you need to do is use the coupon code KLsummer18 when you register to get both courses for £25.00.

You’ll get access to workshop content immediately and it’s yours to keep while you complete your university science degree.

The workshops are a relevant and useful learning tool which you can use throughout your whole degree course from a single subscription. Each time the content is updated you get access to the new material too, for as long as you need it.

You must register by 31 August 2018 to use the 50% discount.

Not sure? Have a look at the testimonials from students who have already completed these workshops and see what they say about them.

Workshops to help you in your academic life as a science student

A Guide to Scientific Writing

This online workshop is designed for undergraduate science students, and the earlier you learn how to write using good, concise scientific language, the better.

International postgraduate students also benefit from this workshop.

You will find out how to improve your sentence structure and vocabulary in your scientific writing.

Online exercises and quizzes help you develop better writing skills including the following:

  • how to use concise, clear scientific language
  • how to produce correctly formatted tables and figures

Enroll today to get the material you need to produce well-written degree-level lab reports and assignments.

This short course has received excellent feedback.

If you haven't done so already, take a look at the testimonials from students who have already completed these workshops and see what they say about them.

Just click on 'View Course' and scroll down to 'Course Curriculum,' to ssee what's included.


Writing Your First Literature Review

An online instructional workshop designed to help you approach and plan your literature review - something you are unlikely to have been taught.

The course material benefits senior undergraduate and postgraduate students, whether international or native English.

This course has also received excellent feedback.

Additional workshops for 2019

Book your place now!

Writing Skills for the Workplace

A 3-week course where you are invited to submit as many examples of your work as possible.

The course material is sent to you on a weekly basis over 2 weeks.

After 3 weeks, allowing time for professional feedback on your writing skills, you will have a completed portfolio to use as evidence of communication skills for future employers.

Places on this workshop are limited and only 6 places will be available in 2019.

A waiting list will be made available for future workshops.

Register your interest in this course using the form below.

Using Reference Manager Software

A short course designed to introduce you to the different free packages available and how to integrate them with your Word documents to create the perfect bibliography.

Register your interest in this course using the form below.

Complete the form below to register your interest in our courses. You will receive an email with information on how to access the material.

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