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Subject Areas and Topics for Blog Articles

The following list contains just a few ideas for articles we think would be great for KirsopLabs. The topics are relevant to undergraduate and postgraduate chemistry students, so if you’re interested in writing an article on any of these, or other relevant topics, just let us know.  You may have some of your own ideas, so feel free to discuss these with one of our staff members. Just send in your query or ideas using the reply box below and someone will contact you.


How To Get The Best Out Of The Lab (what to do and what not to do)

The Best Online Resources for 1st Year Undergrads

The Importance of Finding Voluntary or Part-Time Employment as an Undergrad/Postgrad Student

An International Student’s Experience of Studying in the UK (what do you wish you’d known before starting your course)

Thinking And Communicating Through Diagrams

Reading, Practising and Tackling Mathematical Problems

Developing Good Numerical Habits

Managing Assignments and Meeting Deadlines

Working Out A Tactical Plan For The Exams

Basic Rules For Using Scientific Vocabulary

Fresher Year Uni Blues

Finding a Balance between Work and Play

Articles on the following topics are needed to support our video teaching aids (see video demonstrations for lab techniques)

Submitting Samples and Interpreting Results for HPLC

Submitting Samples and Interpreting Results for GLC

Operating a Rotary Evaporator

How To Use Flash Column Chromatography