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TED Talks

So What’s TED?

TED (technology, entertainment, design) was founded in 1984 as a one-off event. The annual conference began in 1990, in Monterey, California. TED is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”.

Here’s a hand-picked selection from the KirsopLabs team to whet your appetite, but do have a look at the TED website for more. There’s also business, science and global issues available – each presentation lasts between 5 and 15 mins so drop in and out as you please. You’ll find some fantastic speakers and maybe pick up a few tips on how to give presentations at the same time.

Daphne Koller – What We’re Learning from Online Education

Susan Cain – The Power of Introverts

Zaiden and Morton – If Molecules Were People

Stephanie Warren – The Chemistry of Cookies

Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook – Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Lee Cronin – Print Your Own Medicine

Margaret Heffernan – Dare To Disagree

Bunker Roy and Barefoot College – Training Grandmothers to be Solar Engineers