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Useful Websites and Links

Let us know which science-based websites you use frequently that help you with your studies.  They’ll be invaluable to other students too, so we’ll add them here whenever you let us know about them.

Spectroscopy Helper

A very useful tool developed by Heriot-Watt University to assist you with analysis of 13C and 1H NMR, IR and MS data. Just click on the link above and download to your computer. Select the file named “index” to get started.

RSC Visual Element Periodic Table

This is useful for isotopic information in particular, but is generally a very useful resource for laboratory reports.

Sigma Aldrich

This is a great resource for searching literature melting points for the Organic Laboratories. You can compare your experimental melting points to the literature values, and it can help you comment on the purity of your products.

The site is also very useful if you need information on densities for calculations, or indeed for any boiling points etc.

Maths Revision

This is a great site for revision purposes and covers GCSE and A-level. There are over 250 interactive worksheets.


Want to do some voluntary real research? I’m currently working on identifying cancer cells, and find it extremely rewarding work knowing that I’m contributing to finding new medicines and treatments. Take a look, there’s plenty of topics to choose from.

This link is more directed at engineers, but there are good links within the article that chemists and other science disciplines can definitely benefit from. Lots of valuable information to help you identify your current skillset, and how use it to advance your career.

Bags in Bulk

A great resource for study skills tips for all college students, recommended by one of our readers.

Effective Study

Effective Study looks like a great site for students and has many helpful articles and advice on how to study for exams, writing tips, productivity/time management etc. Sign up for access to a wealth of information that can help you develop your study skills.